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Self Care with Smile Makers

Female sexuality has long been a topic that people shy away from discussing.

Self Care with Smile Makers

Due to lack of medical research, cultural stigma and education the topic of female pleasure, specifically masturbation, was a big taboo.

Times are changing and Smile Makers is on a mission to normalize the perception of female sexuality. With 80% of women agreeing that self-pleasuring improves their overall wellbeing, it’s definitely a topic that we should not be shy away from.

Sex-care is self-care

Hormones released when we ‘take care’ of our sexual wellness have an immediate positive affect. From stress and pain relief to getting a better night’s sleep, orgasms are the ultimate mood booster –  it’s simple science!

Giving yourself an orgasm has been proven to strengthen our connection with our bodies while validating natural desires and right to pleasure.

Aching to relieve menstrual cramps? The spasms your pelvic floor experience during orgasm help to alleviate tension in the uterus; while the oxytocin released help it to relax. Interested in anti-aging? The surge in blood flow during an orgasm leads to better oxygenation and increased collagen product which has a great effect on your skin.

Smile Makers is unlike any other sexual wellness brand.

Passionate about bringing female sexual wellness into the light of day, Smile Makers is a brand exclusively sold in beauty, fashion and wellness shops. Never in sex-shops!

C-literate in women’s pleasure

Did you know that the clitoris glands (the exterior part of the clitoris) has over 8,000 nerve endings while the entire body of the clitoris interacts with over 15,000 nerve endings? The clitoris is literally a pleasure powerhouse. Smile Makers has an expansive range of products, each with a focus on specific ways women experience pleasure, all of which interact with the female clitoris in different ways.

Working with the medical community for the most up-to-date insights on women’s sexual health makes Smile Makers the credible source for pleasure positive sex-ed.

Inspired by real women and their amazing bodies

Smile Makers products are designed with women in mind – approachable, friendly-designs that are super smooth, compact and silent. The vibrator names are based on a survey taken on women’s fantasy. 90% of women use mental framing aka fantasizing during masturbation; so you could say that the female orgasm begins in the mind.

Each product is inspired by the amazing female sexual anatomy and how women orgasm.

Getting hands-on sex education with a range that spans to cater to all the ways women orgasm.

Did you know the whole body can be an erogenous zone? The Frenchman, a soft tongue vibrator, helps you explore all your pleasure zones. Use solo or with a partner in stroking motions on the breasts, nipples, thighs and vulva. A perfect vibrator for self-discovery and lingering outer-course.

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