Greatest Show on Turf - Geneseo 2006
July 7-9, 2006

Fred's Comment:  Of the dozen or so air shows I attend annually, this is one of my favorites. 

This unique show is  held each year on a picturesque grass airport in the Rochester, NY area.  

Someone described the show as the best Canadian Air Show done in the United States. 

It has the ambiance of Old Rhinebeck with an assortment of aircraft from World War I replicas to

flyovers of  USAF hardware.  The 1941 HAG and Frank Schaufler are to be congratulated on a great show.


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08-001b _MG_3758 Ju-52 08-001c _MG_3760Ju-52 08-0026b_MG_3784 C-47
08-001b _MG_3758 Ju-52.jpg 08-001c _MG_3760Ju-52.jpg 08-0026b_MG_3784 C-47.jpg
08-002a _MG_3778 HAG C-47 08-003 Geneseo - Greatest Show on Turf _MG_1996 08-005 _MG_3102 Rick Volker Su-26
08-002a _MG_3778 HAG C-47.jpg 08-003 Geneseo - Greatest Show on Turf _MG_1996.jpg 08-005 _MG_3102 Rick Volker Su-26.jpg
08-006 _MG_3127 Su-26 08-007 _MG_3130 Volker 08-008 _MG_3133 Su-26
08-006 _MG_3127 Su-26.jpg 08-007 _MG_3130 Volker.jpg 08-008 _MG_3133 Su-26.jpg
08-009 _MG_3152 Volker 08-010 _MG_3161 Volker 08-012 _MG_1976 Rick Volker
08-009 _MG_3152 Volker.jpg 08-010 _MG_3161 Volker.jpg 08-012 _MG_1976 Rick Volker.jpg
08-015 _Fighter Line 08-016_Fighter Run Up 08-017 _ Canadian Mustag
08-015 _Fighter Line.jpg 08-016_Fighter Run Up.jpg 08-017 _ Canadian Mustag.jpg
08-019 Over the Trees 08-020 Russell 08-021  Taxi for Take Off
08-019 Over the Trees.jpg 08-020 Russell.jpg 08-021 Taxi for Take Off.jpg
08-022 Huricane Rising 08-024 First CAF Plane 08-025 P-51D Foldin
08-022 Huricane Rising.jpg 08-024 First CAF Plane.jpg 08-025 P-51D Foldin.jpg
08-026 Mustang 08-027 FF Pilot Andy Michalak 08-028 Fighter Factory Spit IX
08-026 Mustang.jpg 08-027 FF Pilot Andy Michalak.jpg 08-028 Fighter Factory Spit IX.jpg
08-029 Spitfire Take Off 08-030 Now to Clear the Trees 08-031 American Air Power Museum Pilot
08-029 Spitfire Take Off.jpg 08-030 Now to Clear the Trees.jpg 08-031 American Air Power Museum Pilot.jpg
08-032 Snarl for the Camera 08-034 Curtiss P-40N 08-035 P-40 Airborne
08-032 Snarl for the Camera.jpg 08-034 Curtiss P-40N.jpg 08-035 P-40 Airborne.jpg