Gathering of Corsairs and Legends - Indianapolis
Two Days - Similar Shows
September 7-8, 2002


Day One - Saturday Show (pp. 1-6)

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Corsair Pair
Corsair Pair.jpg
D1R1008 Heritage Flt
D1R1008 Heritage Flt.jpg
D1R1017 Heritage Overhead
D1R1017 Heritage Overhead.jpg
D1R1019 Heritage Break
D1R1019 Heritage Break.jpg
D1R1024 Warthog Taxi
D1R1024 Warthog Taxi.jpg
D1R1028 Warthog Driver
D1R1028 Warthog Driver.jpg
D1R1036 Franklin Waco
D1R1036 Franklin Waco.jpg
D1R1068 Franklin Jet Waco
D1R1068 Franklin Jet Waco.jpg
D1R1069 Jimmy Franklin
D1R1069 Jimmy Franklin.jpg
D1R1103 Inverted Corsair
D1R1103 Inverted Corsair.jpg
D1R1131 Corsair Carrier Ldg
D1R1131 Corsair Carrier Ldg.jpg
D1R1146 Snodgrass Taxi
D1R1146 Snodgrass Taxi.jpg
D1R1150 Golden Knights C31
D1R1150 Golden Knights C31.jpg
D1R1158 Glider Performer
D1R1158 Glider Performer.jpg
D1R1183 Wing Walker V
D1R1183 Wing Walker V.jpg
D1R1184 Wing Walker Roll
D1R1184 Wing Walker Roll.jpg